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An edgier design and seamless user experience takes this website to a new level, while a sophisticated e-commerce platform caters for a diverse global audience.

About the client

Leatt provides the science and engineering that keeps thrill-seekers safe. With an ever-evolving range of high-performance helmets, body armour, braces, guards, hydration systems and apparel – Leatt gives extreme sports athletes in the moto, mountain biking and winter sports world the confidence and equipment to push themselves faster, harder and further than they thought they could go.

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Leading up to the launch of their 2018 product line, Leatt decided to overhaul their digital platform, by introducing a cutting-edge website look and feel, a more fluid and modern user experience, and an e-commerce platform robust enough to cater for a broad target market browsing a vast product range.

Our client also wanted a platform that was agile enough to keep pace with rapidly changing digital standards and appeal to a customer base that lives a fast-paced and adventure-centred lifestyle.

The new look and feel

Leatt briefed Kri8it to develop a fresh design concept and then translate this into the newly developed web digital platform.
Kri8it collaborated with Bittersuite on the design project, with the two agencies drawing on their unique strengths to create a look and feel that captures the spirit of extreme sport.

Kri8it then brought the look and feel to life – finding solutions for a range of extraordinary angled and multi-layered design elements that needed to be refined in order to work within the parameters of the website framework and user experience. Ease of use was our ultimate goal.

The e-commerce platform

One of the key challenges that Kri8it faced when embarking on this project was developing two separate store experiences on one platform. The one online shop is aimed at the U.S. market, while the other is designed for the rest of the Leatt customer base, which spreads across the world.

The reason for creating two disparate shopping experiences is because each regional store carries slightly different product listings. Also, the ability to purchase the products directly online is only available on the U.S. platform. All other customers can browse the product range online and then purchase their gear from a relevant distributor.

Kri8it moved all the store content over to a Magento 2 platform and this is now hosted on its own dedicated server, in order to provide us with optimal resources to ensure a consistent, high-quality user experience.

In order to make sure that the right customers are routed to the right shopping experiences, we put IP recognition functionality in place. This automatically directs users to either the U.S. online shop or the store for the rest of the world, depending on their geographical location.

The new Leatt website taps into the thrill of extreme sports, while streamlining the product experience.
View the completed site here

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