A Case Study

Purpose-designed for the computer industry

About the client

Fincon Accounting is a fully integrated, multi-user, period driven accounting and administration system that has been purpose-designed for the computer industry, as well as the related distribution and retail sectors.

Services Offered

The Challenge

Fincon Accounting’s solution is self-hosted by clients on-premises and offers an application programming interface (API) that enables these clients to integrate external systems with their Fincon Accounting platforms.  

With the world gravitating towards e-commerce, Fincon Accounting were looking to extend their offering to clients who already had an online presence and wanted to link the systems together. They required a development partner who could build that integration – as well as maintain it.

WooCommerce development

Kri8it was brought on board as we had worked with Fincon’s systems previously and we had experience integrating the platform with third-party systems, including WooCommerce (the e-commerce plugin for WordPress).  

The Solution

We developed a standardised, supported WooCommerce plugin that allows users to sync their Fincon Accounting Software WebAPI with a WooCommerce store in a simple set-up process. This enables them to sync all users, products and orders between systems, to facilitate seamless business processes.

This solution:

  • Updates/creates products in WooCommerce from a client’s Fincon Accounting system – primarily for stock and pricing updates
  • Creates user accounts in WordPress for the accounts that clients have set up in their Fincon Accounting system
  • Creates sales orders directly into the Fincon Accounting system when orders are paid for in WooCommerce

Time to market

The current production version of the plugin took us around 30 hours to build. We will be working on extensions and changes going forward, however, as the API allows for more functionality.

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