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How to develop a digital marketing plan

The value of digital marketing is clear. Even if you’re a small company, you need to be where most customers spend their time – online, on their mobiles and on social media. But there are so many digital marketing opportunities out there, how do you choose what’s best for your unique business and target market?

Many organisations simply don’t know where to start. We believe you should begin with a plan that ties every marketing activity to your goals and your desired customer journey.

  • Where will you reach your customers?
  • How will you engage them?
  • Where will you send them next?
  • Are all your marketing efforts pulling in the same direction?
  • Are you optimising your resources?
  • How will you drive sales?

These are just a few questions you need to ask as you’re mapping out your strategy. Here are some elements you may want to consider including:

Build a website

You need a place to direct traffic to. What will the call to action be in your marketing messaging? It often makes the most sense to send interested customers to one central destination: your website. Here, you can showcase your products and services, explain what sets your brand apart and encourage customers to get in touch using a contact form – which, of course, generates leads. If you do develop a website, make sure it works well across any device – especially mobile devices.

Give customers a chance to buy online

With an e-commerce platform, you can convert website visitors to customers very quickly. There are smart ways to sell products and services online – it doesn’t have to be as costly or complex as you may think.


A fast and effective way to reach your audience is to invest in paid advertising. The beauty of advertising in the digital environment is that you can really optimise your resources by targeting your efforts and spend. One popular method is pay-per-click advertising, which can be used to boost your visibility in Google searches, on Facebook and Twitter, and various other platforms. Another benefit of digital advertising is that you can measure the success of your campaigns. This allows you to monitor your strategy and adjust areas that are not working for your business.

Use social media

More than 3 billion people use social media networks. A market of this size is difficult to ignore! Even if you have minimal resources, you can use social media to start building a community – and once you have an engaged fan or follower base, this sends a signal to prospects that your brand is trustworthy and valued by their peers. Key things to remember are to always keep your content fresh, interesting and informative.

Don’t forget email

Email is the ideal channel to engage with people who have already purchased your solutions or interacted with your brand. Many marketing experts say that it’s easier to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one, so take this to heart and use emails to keep your existing customer and prospect base educated and engaged. Importantly, the success of any email campaign depends on the quality of your contact list. Make sure you keep this clean and up-to-date.

Feeling overwhelmed?
Kri8it has deep expertise in developing digital marketing strategies for companies big and small, across multiple industries. With a clear plan in place, you can make sure that you focus your time, effort and money on achieving your business goals.

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