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Transforming Tavcor Motor Group’s websites

Tavcor is one of the oldest motor groups in the Southern Cape and Port Elizabeth regions. As a customer-centric organisation, Tavcor wanted to modernise its corporate and franchise websites to create a sleeker, more user-friendly online and mobile experience for customers.


To this end, Tavcor brought Kri8it on board to develop new sites for the various brands in their stable, including:

We used WordPress as our primary development platform, which gave us the ability to work efficiently and showcase this portfolio of brands in a clean, professional way – while also building in the functionality and agility required to keep these sites relevant going forward.

Turning designs into user experiences

Tavcor’s design agency provided us with a range of proposed design elements. Our design team translated these into workable mobile and online designs, while remaining as true to the original versions as possible. The result is a sleek, stylish and easy-to-navigate brand experience across all sites.

Content strategy

We reworked the content for each site, paring down the amount of information provided to include only what was of value to the end user. This has created a digital customer experience that is informative, yet not too cluttered or overwhelming. Users can easily navigate through the site to find the specific make and model, deal or detail they’re looking for.

Transforming an outdated process

One key focus area for our developers was Tavcor’s stock system. Originally, updating stock on the various websites was a time-consuming and labour-intensive manual process involving excel spreadsheets and manual data entry. We transformed this into an automated stock system. Now, at 6am every day, Tavcor’s internal ADP stock system creates files on the server itself. The new sites read the files and update all the relevant stock automatically. Sales managers at Tavcor then upload images to specific stock locations on the server and the content is up to date.

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