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Kri8it helps to promote luxury African safaris

Art of Safari specialises in creating bespoke African safaris. Every experience on offer has been personally vetted by the expert team to ensure an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime holiday for every guest.

Art of Safari specialises in creating bespoke African safaris. Every experience on offer has been personally vetted by the expert team to ensure an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime holiday for every guest.

This remarkable new luxury tourism start-up needed an agency to develop their brand identity, create a web presence and generate demand for their unique tourism offering – which is primarily digitally-driven. Kri8it is proud to have been selected as their digital partner on this project. We have been tasked with handling branding strategy, identity design, web design and development, social media strategy, digital marketing strategy and content development.

The first step for Kri8it was to design a logo for Art of Safari. The main challenge here was to develop a look and feel that reflects the brand’s premium, authentic personality – and be truly original in a fiercely competitive tourism sector. Determined to do this exceptional brand justice, our design team spent many long hours researching the market and exploring a wide variety of creative avenues before ultimately delivering a logo that is refined, memorable and true to the brand.



Next, Kri8it focused on developing a website that generates leads for Art of Safari. To ensure optimal levels of efficiency on this project, we created a standards-driven development workflow that would be scalable with an increased development team. We worked closely with our client to develop a content structure that would fit into the streamlined user experience that we were creating – and effectively draw prospects down the sales funnel.

We took a strong ‘mobile-first’ approach, as this is where most of the target market will be active – and made sure the design, usability, creativity and content functioned seamlessly and in line with the brand. Our goal for the website was to create an engaging, informative and user-friendly online experience that echoes the high-quality safari holidays that our client creates. At the same time, the website needs to be as fast as possible to make sure we don’t lose any users along the way. This was a challenge for our developers as the site is large, and loaded with images and content. Fortunately, we were successful and our client was thrilled with the result.

Art of Safari is an idea born out of a passion for Africa, it’s wildlife and the experience of luxury safari. Our website and social media platforms are a clients first African experience and our window to the world, which needed to portray our deep passion for African safari and it’s experiences. Working with the equally passionate team at Kri8it to make this dream a reality has been a wonderful journey – A team dedicated to service with the skills to deliver on conception, design and execution of all the elements required to take the idea of Art of Safari from a dream to reality, no mean feat!!  Gary Lotter – CEO

Next, we began working on a digital and social marketing strategy, which includes paid advertising and content plans. We are running multiple Facebook, Instagram and Google AdWords campaigns over a 12-month period to build the brand and sell tours at the same time. We constantly review and analyse the campaign data so that we can adjust our methods for optimum results and maximise the available budget.

Kri8it has been responsible for creating and managing the Art of Safari Facebook and Instagram accounts. One highlight during the launch phase is the ‘WIN a Luxury African Safari’ competition with a prize value of $14K. This has been promoted using Facebook and Instagram advertising. We have also developed a landing page for this campaign that is converting at almost 60%; and on Instagram we are achieving less than $0.60 cost per acquisition.

We are currently working through the next phases of the project, re-calibrating our digital marketing strategy as we gain a deeper understanding of the target market. Kri8it looks forward to continue our work on this project as the Art of Safari business grows.

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