Trends 2020: How will digital marketing evolve next year?

As we head into a new decade, here are 10 channels and technology trends to explore – or at the very least keep an eye on. Hopefully some of these will provide valuable digital marketing…

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How to make your website more customer-friendly

The user experience that you offer your customers online can make or break the success of your website. If your customers find what they’re looking for and complete their tasks quickly and easily, this helps…

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Secure your website, protect your business

As a website owner, however, you need to take security seriously. If you don’t, your site could join the 20,000 others that are blacklisted by Google each week for malware or the 50,000 that are…

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Do you sell online? Here’s why you should be.

The truth is: we live in a digitally-driven and convenience-focused society. This environment has given rise to a growing community of online shoppers – which is fast becoming a market that simply can’t be ignored.…

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Digital Ireland: is your business part of the transformation?

“As home to the top ten global technology companies, hundreds of indigenous ICT companies, and a growing start up community, Ireland is well positioned to be the digital leader in Europe” – Cathriona Hallahan Managing…

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The chicken or the egg: does your website or business card come first?

Without the business cards, how will you share your web address? And without a website, can you really print business cards that leave this important contact detail out? For some, it may seem like a…

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Website 101: The difference between web design and web development

In reality, these are two very different disciplines – and they require unique talents and skill sets. But despite their different areas of expertise, web designers and web developers work closely together to produce complete…

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What’s the big deal about mobile-first?

It’s not just because you’ll be disconnected from friends and family for a few hours, but also because you depend heavily on your mobile to tell you where to go, what time you need to…

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Amazing digital marketing tools you need to try now

Modern brand owners and marketing teams have a vast range of digital marketing tools available to choose from. Many are designed to optimise marketing resources and deliver more value for every cent spent. But how…

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