Do you sell online? Here’s why you should be.

The truth is: we live in a digitally-driven and convenience-focused society. This environment has given rise to a growing community of online shoppers – which is fast becoming a market that simply can’t be ignored.…

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Digital Ireland: is your business part of the transformation?

“As home to the top ten global technology companies, hundreds of indigenous ICT companies, and a growing start up community, Ireland is well positioned to be the digital leader in Europe” – Cathriona Hallahan Managing…

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The chicken or the egg: does your website or business card come first?

Without the business cards, how will you share your web address? And without a website, can you really print business cards that leave this important contact detail out? For some, it may seem like a…

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Website 101: The difference between web design and web development

In reality, these are two very different disciplines – and they require unique talents and skill sets. But despite their different areas of expertise, web designers and web developers work closely together to produce complete…

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Transforming Tavcor Motor Group’s websites

  To this end, Tavcor brought Kri8it on board to develop new sites for the various brands in their stable, including: Tavcor Motor Group Audi franchise VW Passenger Vehicles franchise VW Commercial Vehicles franchise We…

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How to make your e-commerce website a success

During 2017, approximately 1.66 billion people purchased goods online. Worldwide online retail sales are estimated to reach 8.8% of total retail spending in 2018 as compared to 7.4% in 2016. In this environment, it makes sense…

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Kri8it Digital’s Site recovery project for Avondale Wines

When Avondale’s portfolio of websites was impacted by a cyber-security breach, three of their digital platforms were hacked and the bulk of the content was lost. Kri8it helped this client to quarantine their sites and…

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Client Success Snapshot

2017 has been an interesting ride! We’re sharing some highlights from the year - check out these marketing wins that offered our clients a great return on their digital investment during 2017 Art of Safari…

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The basic principles of great UX design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs As more people spend more of their precious time in the digital universe, their expectations of…

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