What is evergreen content and why your website needs it

Evergreen content is, like its name suggests, content that never goes out of fashion. It’s relevant all year round and doesn’t date, continuing to drive traffic. It will typically be about something that someone, somewhere…

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Time to get real: building trust and credibility online

It’s no wonder that reality TV has exploded over the past few decades. People love it when things get real – and marketing is no different. These days, people would rather believe online reviews or…

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Tips for your 2019 digital marketing calendar

Marketing is hard work and keeping it up is tiring – unless you have a solid plan in place to guide you along.   Your marketing calendar is the plan that overviews all your marketing…

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User generated content: digital marketing’s best friend

We all know that word of mouth advertising is incredibly powerful. But these days, instead of writing letters to newspapers or chatting over smoke breaks, people are sharing videos, Instagram stories and TripAdvisor reviews. Call…

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How to make your website more customer-friendly

The user experience that you offer your customers online can make or break the success of your website. If your customers find what they’re looking for and complete their tasks quickly and easily, this helps…

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Secure your website, protect your business

As a website owner, however, you need to take security seriously. If you don’t, your site could join the 20,000 others that are blacklisted by Google each week for malware or the 50,000 that are…

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We're Hiring! - Copywriter and Social Media Content Generator

The role will require strategic conceptualisation and management of social media content calendars, promotional/marketing campaigns, as well as the day-to-day roll out of these activities.   Duties will include scheduling and planning overall social content…

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Black Friday -- Cyber Monday: Is your business ready?

This shopping phenomenon happens in both physical and virtual stores, although there is another separate day dedicated to online shopping – Cyber Monday, falling on the 26 th of November this year. In 2017, Cyber…

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Our top 7 content marketing tips

In case you need a quick refresher, here’s a definition:   Content marketing is the art of creating and sharing content that your target market values. The goal is to position your brand as an…

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